Look Like Tom Cruise And Protect Your Eyes

With an average of 10 hours of staring at the computer screen, it’s high time we took our eyes seriously. A company from San Diego called Gunnar Optiks is ready to help us look after our eyes better. It has designed a whole line of eye wear mean to combat the inevitable eye fatigue that crops in from artificially illuminated plane like ones computer.

MedGadget has approved of Gunnar Optiks who, in turn, promise that their eye wear is exceptionally lightweight and comes in a look that will slip in well with the office dude image. So, not only is your fashion statement upped but the effect of the harsh blue light from your PC is reduced with a +1.25 magnification. The anti-reflective coating works wonders for relaxing your eyes.

Again, these protective spectacles are a definite buy for all the Tom Cruise fans out there. Well, wearing these will have you closest ever to look like the famous actor. For the rest, the yellow shades might seem a bit too bold for office use. Perhaps, in the ends only college geeks will end up buying it.



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