Armoire Kitchen Solves The Space Crunch Trouble

As uppy we might get in our lifestyles, one thing still remains unchaged – the fact that we like to eat at home. Yes, and topped with the challenge of accommodating our little domestic world in a limited space, the kitchen area tends to suffer from many inadequacies. Not anymore. The Armoire Kitchen by Yester Tec is a fine self-contained kitchen unit which will use available space as efficiently as possible.

Actually a maple cabinet, the Armoire Kitchen looks like any other cupboard from the outside. But once you open the door, the unit reveals a kitchen countertop. Not only that, there is a small stainless steel sink, a 2-burner cooktop and a microwave hood all packed in one compact unit. Here’s some more dope. Open the bottom drawer and you will find yourself admiring a small refrigerator/freezer combo accompanied by a dishwasher.


A real primo something, this kitchen comes equipped with appliances from well-known brands like Subzero, Kenyon, Paykel and GE. No wonder the makers have put a price tage of $13,327 which has now been reduced to somewhere between $9,300 and $9,700.

Via smallspaceliving & yestertec
Armoire Kitchen Solves The Space Crunch Trouble

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