High-end Audiophiles From Vandersteen

If you are tired of listening to music on poor quality speakers, you must try the opulent “Model Seven Speaker” from Vandersteen. They cost a whopping $300,000. The large size of these speakers can often be deceiving as it sends you the signal of being cumbersome. In fact, its weight is very light, yet it is very strong. You can indeed stand on a balsa/carbon cone without damaging it. A first class sound quality is guarantied and, it will definitely enhance your music taste.

However, at this point of time, building each driver is rather a strenuous process and hence, the Model seven is relatively more expensive than Vandersteen’s bread-and-butter models. The prices begin at around $785 per pair. The Model Seven would be sold for $45,000 a pair. Vandersteen speakers are manufactured in Hanford, Calif.

I would say, it always pays in the end to buy expensive products, especially when it comes to speakers, for good engineering and style will stay with you for decades to come. Go ahead and invest on these speakers! You never know when you will get to buy them again!

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