Gamers Couldn’t Have Asked For More From Gravitonus

Gravitonus gave a great gift to gamers in the form of the Ergonomic Workstation in 2007, and we know how popular the system became. After all, it was for the first time that a design came by to provide an immersive individual gaming space for hardcore gamers. And now the company is all set to win hearts all over again with iClubby which was unveiled at CES 2009.

An appropriate successor to the Ergonomic Workstation, iClubby too keeps the user in a comfortable ergonomically optimized position for long hours on the gaming console. And since it is powered by Intel’s latest i7 processor, the workstation provides a very cool and comfortable gaming environment. Well, what else do you expect from the triple display screen and a chair that adjusts itself according to the earth’s gravitational vector.


Actually, one can go on and on about the benefits of the ergonomic chair of iClubby. The seat is automatically ventilated with consistent heating. Even the blower speed and airflow can be controlled. The inbuilt 5.1 surround sound system placed withing the seat gives a very effective acoustic output. So, are you ready to spend $7,000 to take your gaming to a new level?



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  • one small detail is missing: side table for soda and junk food. no gamer leaves his chair to stop gaming. some sort of toilet underneath the chair would have been ideal in this respect, but it is a pretty ultimate chair. however, 3 monitors seems a bit much. one big monitor would have been better, but i like the cocoon feel that the monitors encircling you gives

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