Crème de la Mer Luxe Keepsake Box Costs $1,063

Crème de la Mer has long been popular amongst women, and secretly many men, as the miracle broth to cure all skin ailments related to aging. Creases and age spots seem to disappear into thin air as the skin begins to become softer, glowing from healthiness from within.

Those who swear in the healing properties of Crème de la Mer moisturing cream would be pleased to get their hands on the Luxe Keepsake Box for the safekeeping of your Crème de la Youth. Designed by David Linley, British royal furniture designer, the box is made from handcrafted sycamore and carries the colour of the turquoise sea. Each Keepsake Box features a 60ml Crème de la Mer with a silver spatula. Those afraid of having their precious skin cream stolen by envious competitors would be happy to know that each numbered box has a custom lock and key.

Only 15 of the Luxe Keepsake Boxes have been created as a limited edition and these are available at a whopping RM3,800 ($1,063) each. But any woman would tell you that is a small price to pay for beauty.

Via: NST

Crème de la Mer

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