Tesla’s Roadster Sport is an Awesome Racer

CES 2009 is long gone and we saw a number of great products, which were good enough to be featured on this blog. However, that does not stop us from searching for better and more chic products, vehicles that may come our away. Tesla Motors have announced their new Roadster, which comes with 15% more power. The car reaches a speed of 60mph in 3.7 seconds and the Roadster Sport is definitely the car to buy if you were looking for one.

It comes with a very high peak torque and the Yokohama Ultra High Performance tyres and the bright red hue only makes it look more striking. However, you should also be prepared to pay an astounding sum of $128,500 and upwards to lay your hands on the steering wheels of Roadster Sport. The car shall be made available from June onwards.

If you already have a standard Roadster, the company offers an upgrade to the Sports version, so you would not be missing out on anything. So go ahead and lessen the burden on your bank accounts and buy this amazingly cool sports car. Trust me, you would not be disappointed!

Via: Businesswire/Engadget

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