Strida Bikes Won’t Leave Grease on your Shirt!

Eco conscious people would know how important it is to use cycles but they would also know that it could be a certain pain if you had to carry your bicycle everywhere. Moreover, cycles have that annoying chain which leaves your clothes, hands etc greasy. Strida has unveiled elegant and well-designed bikes that can be folded and the greasy chain is replaced by a rubber belt.

This is almost a gift from the heavens for all those people who love to stay green, would not mind travelling long distances on their bikes but find the process just too irritating. Most folding bikes leave that annoying grease print on your shirt, but this one would not and it would make you feel good and great.

The Strida’s handlebars don’t only feel great but also are functional and efficient. They fold easily and is a joy. The package includes accessories such as mudflaps, iPod backpack and many others. The Strida bike costs $800 and can prove to be a little expensive. But I would say, it is worth all the money spent. So just go ahead and get your bike!

Strida Bike

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