Flexible Computer Screens From HP

Here is good news for computer freaks. Arizona State University’s Flexible Display in collaboration with HP has announced a prototype of a lightweight computer screen recently. These new computer screens come with great features such as they are printed on virtually indestructible plastic sheets. They also use less energy and cost effective when it comes to produce conventional screens.


Apparently, ASU’s Flexible Display Center has been working on flexible display technology in partnership with corporation including the US Army. On the other hand, HP has been an innovator in terms of manufacturing many electronic technologies such as the prototype – Self-Aligned Imprint Lithography (SAIL). This was invented at HP Labs. There are more reasons to celebrate for these flexible displays. They not only lower the cost of monitors, but also allow the invention of more advanced and smaller electronics, as in electronic paper. This assures that devices like phones, PDAs, handheld readers, MP3 players, etc, will become smaller and lightweight besides becoming more user friendly.

It would indeed be fun to be able to read magazine on a handheld device without having to bear the brunt of scrolling around to read the whole article. With this, you have the freedom to stash an electronic book into your bag safely.

Via: Inhabitat

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