EcoSmart™ Is A Smart Choice Among Eco-fireplaces

We love eco-friendly stuff but when they come with a stylish edge to them, we love them even more. At the moment we have been smitten by an Australian innovation that goes by the name of EcoSmart™. True to its name, this ones an open fireplace that is environmentally friendly too.

To begin with, EcoSmart™ does not work on fuel, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of installation of utility connection for fuel supple. Boy, what a trouble saver that is! Well, this quality makes this eco-fireplace ideal for all kinds of architectural environments. Designed by John Dimopoulos, the director of Geoform, Design & Architects Firm in Sydney, this fireplace hardly requires and keeping up.

So, what kind of fuel does EcoSmart™ really run on. Well, it is none other than a renewable modern form of energy called Denatured Ethanol, which by the way is known to burn clean and is practically maintenance free. Do check out EcoSmart™ Zeta for it’s striking looks. Yep, we do realise that it isn’t too original an idea but it’s always nice to have good options when going to buy an eco-friendly fireplace.



Via trendhunter, blog2modern & ecosmart

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