CES 2009: Sony Flaunts Flexible Display

“Flex OLED” screen from Sony has been displayed at the CES 2009. It is a flexible OLED screen, which might be used in portable devices of the future. It measures a few inches across and is capable of being bent slightly even while the device is functioning slightly as in when it is playing a video.

Sony’s flexible OLED display is the first time making an appearance outside Sony’s research labs. The technology is still very new but has witnessed a tremendous improvement since the time Sony showed a demo back in May 2007 of a similar screen in a video. In 2007 display, Sony generated a lot of unwanted criticisms as they were criticized for their technical defects and issues. Most of theses problems have been rectified in this new display. Companies do seem to have a great faith in OLED’s successful future for the OLED technology. OLEd’s main rivalry as of now is LED, which is a promising technology that is quite powerful as compared to the technology used in existing plasma and LCD panels.

In case you are wondering as to when you might get to use OLED technology on large TVs and displays then. it may take a while from now for it to become real.

Via: TechTree


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