CES 2009: Joel’s Work Cocoon may not be Great for the Claustrophobic!

CES 2009 can sometimes be really funny if not downright absurd. Take for example the Work Cocoon by Joel, which is meant to keep the occupant updated with everything that happens on the net but will cut the person away from the real world. Though it may sound depressing, it actually might be a good idea if you are working on some top secret project when you would not want to be disturbed anyone, not even the nearest and the dearest ones.

The Work Cocoon comes with a futuristic looking set of monitors and keyboards, which would definitely be connected, to the net. I wonder why there are 3 screens, perhaps to stay in touch with the Internet while also multi-tasking, I suppose.

There is no mention of the price or availability but I bet, it is going to cost a bomb. However, those who are claustrophobic may think twice before stepping into something like this.

Via: BoingBoing

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