Yama, A Skull-Cracking Camera

Yama is perhaps the weirdest camera ever. Named after the Tibetan God of Death, this camera will give you an all new view of the whole wide world. As the the Tibetan saying goes, ‘Yama will see all life and Karma is the judge that keeps the balance, the camera too is built in sync with the Buddhist teaching.

The intimidating name lends the camera a unique mechanism. Yama’s eyes are cast in broze and silver with a brass pinhole in each. The skull comprises of two different cameras that are separated by a divider running down the middle of it. Then there is a finished contact print mounted on copper at the back of the camera which enable us to see 3D via the Yama.

Elements used to make Yama include Aluminum, Titanium, Copper, Brass, Bronze Steel, Silver, Gold, Mercury along with 4 Sapphires, 3 Rubies, Asian and American Turquoise, Sand, Blood (eeks) and 9 Opals inlayed in the skull. By the way, the ruby used to make Yama’s third eye is pretty costly at $5,000.



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