Spheric by Mumm for Champagne Lovers

Holiday season has long come and gone and now most of us are treading wearily ahead. However, there are still what I call reminiscences of the previous year and one such is the Spheric by Mumm. A Spheric is a giant Murano glass bubble, which identifies with the Christian Baubles. Each Spheric contains a G.H. Mumm Champagne bottle.

There are five different spherics with five different champagne bottles inside and they are the Mumm Grand Cru, Demi-Sec, Brut Cordon Rouge, Cordon Rouge and Rose. It would be an excellent gift for those who are snobbsish and even otherwise, you could buy a spheric and keep in your living room. Each Spheric costs 3,500 Euros and affluent collectors can buy all the five spherics for 17,500 Euros.

The rich never seem to ruin out of choices to buy great stuff. In my opinion, if one has the money, they should flaunt it instead of making it lie in the cold vaults of a bank.

Via: Luxuo

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