A Robot which Serves You Drinks!

If you were wondering, why robots usually dealt with boring issues like washing dishes and cleaning tables and not being a bar tender and gett8ing you drunk without you moving an inch, the BaR2D2 come as an answer. BaR2D2 is a stylish robot that can be controlled by robot and doubles up as a mobile bar that has a motorized beer elevator.

It even comes with ice/mixer drawer that is motorized and contains a six bottle shot dispenser. Sound will activate the neon lighting. Surprisingly, the robot can be driven which means you can take your drunkenness to the street and beyond. The maker created the robot using spare parts and materials in his garage.

This DIY robot is quite elite and that is exactly why it makes a presence on this blog. Imagine having a robot serve your guests when you invite them home! Sounds geeky but is also elite.

Via: Gizmodo/Instructibles/TechEBlog

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