Life Desk Aimed To Save Lives

We did hear many reports claiming many students in China were seriously injured or killed by the very tables that they were hiing under during the massive earthquake last year. Haishen Deng took inspiration from this real life tragedy and though of creating a solution for situations like these. And so, the ‘Life Desk’ was born.

Based on the physics of the Triangle of Life, this desk is supposed to stay open during all regular times for the learning process and closed in times of dangerous situation like in an earthquake. The main body stands on high strength steel and a nylon board whilst the side sturucture is pure molten steel that has been molded round so as to disperse stress.

The Bureau of Education in China is already having talks with Deng and buzz is that soon the Life Desks will be seen in many schools in the country. Priced at 80 Euros, we think they come reasonable after all they promise to be earthquake-proof and can be lifesaving. Can’t put a cost to that, can we?

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  • A very noble idea … but I’m sure that if the schools couldn’t afford tables that wouldn’t collapse before all the children died, they certainly can’t now … especially not desks that cost as much as an average person earns in a week in China.

    Lovely, but misplaced inventiveness.

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