Solid Gold Tokyo Tower Replica For 50th Anniversary Costs 1 Million Yen

The Tokyo Tower symbolises Japan’s fight for survival and their grit and determination to become the best since their fall from power and the pain the country suffered during the World War.

The Tokyo Tower is taller than the Eiffel and stands at 333 metres. In celebration of the tower’s 50th anniversary, jewellery company Ginza Tanaka has produced a 24 carat gold replica of the Tokyo Tower. The imitation is size specific and also includes the Foot Town shopping and dining centre constructed between the legs of the tower. To gold replica, Golden Tokyo Tower, weighs 5kgs and is intended to be sold as a souvenir for 50million yen ($510,000).

The Tokyo Tower opened on the 23rd of December 1958 mainly for the function of transmitting telecommunications signals. However, as a symbol of battling all odds, perhaps the Golden Tokyo Tower will symbolise Japan’s rise from recession.

Via: InventorSpot

Tokyo Tower

Golden Tokyo Tower

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