Tired of Ferrari? Get a Dog Powered Scooter!

Even wanted to mush in the midst of the city or in the park? Were you told that dogs could pull sledges only near the arctic? Well, now here is something cheeky. The Dog Powered Scooters are funny, interesting ad of course green. You could take your expensive Dalmatian to power your bike/trike when you are in the park.

This wouldn’t of course hurt the animal and the manufacturers say you would feel as comfortable as you would in a sports vehicle. In fact, you could have 1, 2, 3 or even 4 dogs to power your scooter. You will only have to spend more to accommodate all your canine friends. The Dog Powered Scooters cost $1075 and upwards.

The price doesn’t include the dogs, mind you. The design is innovative and will mostly please those who love dogs. Make sure you follow the traffic rules!


Via: Neatorama/DogPoweredScooter

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