Motivatrix Will Motivate You To Work-out Like Never Before

If you are looking for a complete wellness solution for both you and your family. Well, we are glad to tell you that your search has ended fruitfully. Motivatrix MX10 Workout Master designed by Exergame Fitness is here. Under the fancy name, the equipment is quite simple and offers a personalized user workout.

The machine has a monitor which lets the user choose from options like aerobics, cardio or max-challenge workouts. You can even select your own music and set fitness goals. All that said, there is something about work-outs which is both monotonous and boring. Motivatrix solves that problem too with internal games in the machine to keep the fitness session as refreshing as ever. Your body is used as a joystick to play games like ‘Dart & Swim’ and ‘Dash’ to name a few

Built-in sensors are able to read arm flailing and motion-sensing technology shows user’s speed, heart rate, training zone, calories, weight and overall performance on the monitor. Plus, Motivatrix is internet enabled so now you can compete with people exercising across the world setting new records and bechmarks. Make it yours for $12,500.

Via exergamefitness

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