The Future Of Modern Cooking Is Here

The maker Electrolux claims it to be the most beautiful cooktop in the world. Rightly named Aurora, the newest illuminated induction cooktop by the international home appliances brand is a perfect blend of latest technology with modern art. Aurora will impress you because it’s clean in white and looks like an¬ elaborate chopping board. Yes, its minimalist and futuristic design is its biggest strength.

Based on a white Corian base, Aurora has 4 separately controlled induction zones ensuring a powerful, safe and precise cooking experience. The 9 heat settings and booster function for all zones allows you to maximise output with a lot of ease. Then there are the additional techie razzmatazz like touch controls, cooking timer with an acoustic signal, Stop/Go function, child lock and a safety cut-out.

Kudos to all the technology and research gone into Aurora but frankly, we are more smitten by it’s unusual design. The LED perimeter lends its own drama while the white base assures us of cleanliness with a touch of the modern. A great item for $10,000 to blur the¬ distinction between the kitchen and the living area.


Via appliancist

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