Preserving Wine At Your Dispense

Now, we know what you wine enthusiasts have always desired for. Yeah, it sure comes second to good quality wines but still a very sought after item. We are talking about the new wine preserver called Enthusiast 4 Bottle Winekeeper out in the markets and online shopping marts.

The little magical box ensures a matchless wine drinking experience. And it will turn out to be an indespensable item for all your wine and cheese sessions with family and friends. It dispenses your wine through individual spouts while inert nitrogen blankets your bottle. This process prevents oxidation, letting you savour the original taste of wine day after day.

Plus the thermostatically controlled compressor keeps your wine in the ideal temperature. You can choose between mahogany or oak facing winekeepers that come with a glass display door. We strongly recomment the 4 Bottle Winekeeper system for those looking for a not-so-expensive but effective wine storing and dispensing unit. It comes at a price of $1,395.

Via wineenthusiast

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