Radi Design’s Auto Inspired Kitchen Appliances

Radi Design has unveiled kitchen appliances modelled on the 1954 Ford Thunderbird. The fact that American auto companies are being bailed out by the government and hence, these kitchen appliances lend an almost nostalgic and patriotic touch.


The appliances include pieces that look almost like a replica of those luxurious and classy American cars. The funniest appliance has to be the blender which comes with an analog dial. The other appliances are nothing less and sport a retro but fun look which instantly attracts you. You would no more have to deal with boring kitchen appliances.

The designs seem to encourage the buyer to consider American auto again, and buy American cars when things are going so wrong with the industry. In any case, the Radi Design’s kitchen appliances take creativity and innovation to the next level and make every American proud of auto heritage.


Via: Dvice

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  • our kitchen appliances are well maintained and taking good care of by doing some routine maintenance once a month.

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