And Welcome Back The Stone Age

Agreed, there is nothing the matter with the already existing grills available¬ by the dozens today. But can that fact ever stop creativity? Naah. Especially those who have put their teeth into meat grilled over a hot stone. Well, for starters they are the ones to have discovered that there’s more to meat than charcoal and propane.

Perhaps that’s why the Pebbles Grill came into existence. Some say that it is like a George Foreman reinterpreted with a net of blazing-hot rocks. Yep, electric elements heat a series of pebbles with many warning lights playing indicator of the heat generated.

Now, this mesh like grill is supposed to hold over your food and cook it in a delectably tasteful way that will never have you dig into the charcoal flesh that you thought was grilled meat. The body of he grill is flexible and easy to clean. Since it’s small in size, you can easily pack it along with your camping gear. It has been designed Yongju Kwak, Dongbin Shin, Kukil Han and Seok Kim.

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