Hublot Black Caviar Bang for Expensive Watch Lovers

If you aren’t satisfied with the kind of million dollar products we usually feature, you may consider the Hublot Black caviar Bang. The Black Caviar Bang comes with an 18k gold case and a clasp which also are adorned with hundreds if not thousands of black diamonds. Totally, you could boast of 34.5 carats diamonds if you happen to buy this.

You might perhaps know that black diamonds are so rare that people kill for them. There are totally 322 diamonds at various locations and the watch gleams and glows as you wear it. The watch is also quite functional and inside the watch is the HUB Solo T tourbillon movement.

The glitz and glamour associated with this particular watch seems to be unmatched for now. So try and get one for yourself, if you have many millions in your bank account, for you would love to join the ‘Million Buck Watch Club’, wouldn’t you?

Via: Luxist/LuxuryLaunches

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