Cinderalla Slippers Cost $2 Million

Though many may claim otherwise, Stuart Weitzman’s Cinderella Slippers could perhaps be the world’s most expensive shoes. The shoe is made of platinum threads and the finest Italian leather. It is also adorned with several platinum diamonds and one of them is of 5 karats.

These were displayed in Harrods in 2004 and were worn by Alison Krauss and if you are interested in buying these pair of slippers, make sure you have $2 million. Now I really can’t say if it’s the world’s most expensive pair of shoes or slippers but I definitely can say that this particular pair of shoes would be the envy of the evil step mom and other hags, if Cinderella wore it to the party.

So go ahead and make that $2 million payment before anyone claims this pair of shoes as their own. I am sure you would love to walk in the shoes of Alison Krauss and the like, literally.

Via: Wanfala

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