GAMEROX Gaming Chair For Children By Tim Briggs

Much to the relief of the parents of children who are hooked to gaming, GAMEROX chair has been designed by Tim Briggs.

Children usually tend to move frequently when they are playing their favorite video games. This GAMEROX chair aims to deliver health benefits to children stimulating better circulation, movement and exercise. This is suitable for children between the age of 7 and 12, and it can load a maximum weight of 175lbs. The chair is virtually covered by cushions and allows a flexible movement. The sitting position reminds me of horse riding. The coolest thing about this chair is that it stimulates not only correct sitting position but is also good for core stability and muscle training. The base of the chair remains stationary ensuring the safety of the gamer.

It sounds a good deal but as of now, there is no news available about the price. Nevertheless, the GAMEROX chair will soon enter the market but I am not sure if children would really bother to sit on it.

Via: GizMag


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