Harrods Auctions World’s Most Expensive Shirt

Harrods is auctioning what is being touted as the world’s most expensive shirt. The shirt has been designed by Eton and comes with diamonds encrusted in it. The coveted shirt is made of Egyptian cotton and is adorned with seven different colored diamonds.

The good thing is, the proceedings from the auction will go to charity. The flipside of course is that someone would be willing spend this kind of money when the world is reeling under crisis. What is with the rich folks these days anyway!

Talk about recession and we have ended up splurging on luxury items just to heal our wounds and to make a run from the oppressive reality. Well here is another proof to the fact that when you are down in the dumps, you just have to go ahead and splurge some more at a luxury department store. Diamond shoes? Bring them on too!

Via: WealthBulletin/Luxist

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