Yurex: Shake A Leg to Prove Your Creativity

Have you ever wondered what your leg tapping meant? Does it mean that there is a catchy tune that just won’t agree to get out of your mind or could it possibly signify a burst of creativity?

Yurex, designed by Tosa-san of Maywa Denki and Yanasawa-san of Kayak, is designed to sense your leg tapping and shaking movements. The sensor is strapped onto your leg and helps ‘visualise, monitor, and control your own creative beats’. The diamond shaped structure ahs two silver balls which count your leg movement, the timing and frequency of it and uploads this data onto your profile via a USB cable. Apparently a high number on this signifies optimum creativity and productivity. Strange; and I thought leg shaking movements meant the person was bored out of their skull.

Yurex is still at the conceptual stage and a price for the device hasn’t been disclosed yet. Due to be released next year, I am unsure of who the target market for this humorous device is!

Via: CScoutJapan


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