Panay Bathroom Unit For The Elite

The reason why the living room of houses becomes the space for meeting friends may be, perhaps, because the decor of living rooms have been changing over the years but a bathroom still mostly looks like it did a hundred years ago. You have the shower in one corner and the bathtub adjacent to it, trying to hide all the piping from view.

Panay is a bathing unit that integrates washbasin, shower and bath tub so that all three necessary pieces stand together with the piping neatly tucked out of view underneath the whole unit. Elegantly made from wood in warm huge of deep mahogany, Panay is designed by Undpartner (Austria) and manufactured by Tischlerei Gollackner. This bathing unit stands on its own, ready to become a part of any space of your choice and change the look of your bathroom.

The pricing for the Panay bathroom unit isn’t available yet but beauty and luxury never comes cheap. Be ready to pay a filthy amount for this and sink into the tub with a glass of champagne in your hand.


Via: Freshome

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