NanoBrewMaster: Make Beer At Home!

The only thing better than a mug of cold beer is a pitcher of cold beer. So what could possibly be better than your local bar? Obviously, your personal home bar with your very own beer brewing machine.

The NanoBrewMaster is the world’s first brewing device that is compact enough for you to tuck it away into a great corner of your living room. The NanoBrewMaster will brew, ferment and offer you chilled beer from the counter-top taps. Drinking your home made brew need not even become a hassle because the NanoBrewMaster cleans itself by sterilising all the containers and connectors at just the touch of a button. Standing at two by eight feet, the brewing machine is made from stainless steel and hardwood. The onboard computer system monitors and controls all the functions of the brew master to produce the tastiest of beer.

Even if you don’t desire a beer brewer in your home, this would be the best apparatus to opt for when starting your own bar. The NanoBrewMaster can hold 15 gallons of beer at any time, and even hold 7.5 gallons each of two different beers. The price hasn’t been disclosed at, but I’m guessing this isn’t for the weak hearted.

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