Kickbee: Lets Your Foetus Twit At You!

An expecting mother has a glow on her face that has nothing to do with a healthy diet. It comes from being the closest one can ever get to a new life growing within you, truly growing as a part of you. Mothers treasure every moment, even in pain, as fathers stand aside wishing they could sense more than just a kick from placing their hand on the mother’s tummy.

Kickbee is designed by a father who could not stand around waiting till the nine month period was over to get closer to his child. The device designed by Corey Menscher is worn around the abdomen by the expectant mother. Movements of the foetus are translated into detectable voltages which are then transmitted by an Arduino Mini microcontroller. It has a Java application which receives the sensor values, analyses and posts a message on Twitter via MackBook Pro. Unfortunately, the application is still in the infancy stage and the mother is required to be within Bluetooth range for the wireless connection to be made.

Made from a stretchable band with sensors embedded within, the device is completely safe to be worn. Fathers and anyone else interested in getting up close and personal with an unborn baby just have to wait till this fascinating product hits the market.

Via: PSFK/TrendsUpdates

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