Precious Water from Love H20

Reports have suggested that the sales of bottled water have slowed down lately because of the economic slowdown. But we saw two fashionable acts of bravado recently. Well, Love H20 is a courageous brand that came up with its own limited edition of bottled water that is stored in beautiful Swaroski crystals encrusted bottles. And the even braver ones were six people who actually bought a bottle for $2,330.

The luxury brand sources the water from Wenlock Spring Water in Shropshire. And the much talked about bottles are reportedly crafted by hand and took one week to produce. Right now, the six bottles in reference have been reserved and sit pretty in the Selfridges stores across UK and will be delivered to the purchasers after Christmas.

The spokesperson for the brand claims that their range is not just about an expensive drink. In fact, it is closer to an art form. The limited edition was thought of to complement the spirit of Christams. But the brans is not just limiting the collection to this festive season alone as Valentine’s Day will take over the world in a month and a half. So, it’s happy business for them.

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