Thanko Unveils Video Camera Analog Watch

If you thought watches were all about telling time, then you perhaps are wrong. Like always, Thanko have again proved themselves to be the watch company around by launching a watch, which comes with a built-in spy camera. The VIDEO CAMERA Analog Watch, which is already quite popular in Japan, can record up to 2 hours of video and has a memory of 4GB.

The camera is placed between one and two o’clock on the watch’s dial. This analog watch will surely interest all the voyeurs in the world. You could transfer all that you have recorded to a PC or laptop thanks to the USB port. You could go ahead and use the watch like a normal one or use creativity and imagination to make use of the watch in a dubious way.

Imagine wearing this watch and running into a pageant. Now that I say, is interesting. Thanko’s Video Camera Watch costs $140 and sure is a great buy.

Via: CrunchGear

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