De Vere Sells Black iPhone at $1,200

The excesses of the rich are legendary and so are those of De Vere’s, London’s greatest diamond merchants. The company was so taken over by the iPhone and it’s beauty when in black that they decided it would look better without their expensive diamonds on it.

Philip de Vere himself felt that the iPhone looked more stripped down, bare and beautiful when the diamonds weren’t there. And hence you have an iPhone without the diamonds but costing just as much. The shiny metal bezel has been swapped and in its place is a black one. The entire package with 16GB, unlocked and black handset would set you back by $1,200.

Now I would wonder why anyone would want to spend that kind of money for a normal iPhone without even the diamonds. Nevertheless, I must say the phone looks really hot and appealing. Just make sure you have enough money to get to London and to buy the ridiculously expensive iPhone.

Via: Wired

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