Poggenpohl Dining Desk for Elite Diners Costs £10,000

Dining tables are sacred installations where you lovingly throw mashed potatoes at your siblings’ faces and surreptitiously slip the broccoli into the plate of the person sitting next to you. A dining table isn’t just the place where you sit down to eat, it is the place for you to connect with people close to you while enjoyed a great meal.

And that’s exactly the reason why the dining table has to be the best within the four walls of your dining room. The Dining Desk, recently launched by German kitchen manufacturer Poggenpohl, is sleekly stylish with an extremely practical design. The Dining Desk can be parted in the middle allowing space for two serving trolleys at both ends of the table. Giving a sense of royalty to each meal, the trolleys will ensure that you don’t spill any food onto your lovely carpet as you get them from the kitchen. Just load them onto you trolley to get rid of that hassle.

The Dining Desk is available in two versions of manual and electrically operated via remote control. Made from granite and marble, you can opt for a 6-seater or an 8-seater. Just be sure you can afford to pay Poggenpohl Design Studio £10,000.

Via: Lussorian

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