Jeffrey Inaba Designs Special Waiting Room for Hospitals

Hospital waiting rooms have the gloomiest decor. The sanitised bare white floors and walls reeking with the odour of disinfectant seem unable to completely wipe away the stench of sickness and death. Rome’s largest public hospital, Policlinico Umberto 1, is cleaning up its waiting room along with all the recent bad publicity with a new look.

Aimed at creating a waiting room where people would be distracted from the anxiety of being in a hospital and as a forum for interacting with others as a means of shortening the time, the special waiting room is created by Jeffrey Inaba of Inaba Project. The sponsor for the Waiting Room, Enel, adds that it is designed to provide a heightened state of visual stimulation with a splattering of colors and geometric shapes that would give a sense of comfort instead of the usual negatively emotional state.

In essence, the Waiting Room would not be the space where you would sit biting nails waiting for something to happen; rather, this space in display till the end of February 2009 will feature activities that would keep you far from static.

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