Andalus By GAD: Architecture Sights New Horizons

Architecture is one field which springs transformations from within while inculcating everything else into it, but ever so subtly, that one day you look at a design and wonder how you could have missed coming up with the idea yourself.

The latest from the world of architecture is a design created by architects at GAD. Titled Andalus, what is special about the design is that it has been done using mathematician Stephen Wolfram’s computer program ‘Mathematica’. This futuristic program will ensure that living spaces will never be the same again. Turning the household into perfectly sized and angled jigsaw puzzles, Mathematica transforms the house into many-linked pieces that morph and align with each other to create new parameters. Andalus is a project being created for a private client in Libya and would definitely take a long time to become a mainstream procedure.

GAD is also dabbling in 3D printing techniques that would help assemble a quick physical model so as to easily envision design relationships. Interestingly though, the idea behind the concept is akin to the designs put forward by Zaha Hadid earlier this year for the Lotus room.

Via: Trendir

Via: Trendir

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