A Personal Skycar Finally Becomes A Reality!

The world got its first personal takeoff landing (VTOL) vehicle called M400 Skycar, and the credit goes to Moller International. After all, for the first time, the concept is feasible and personally affordable. One can easily say one had the gut feeling that such a vehicle would soon reach our houses and replace the regining automobile. In the same tune frankly, Moller has not surprised any of us. But we indeed are very happy to know that a company has given us a machine that is capable of VTOL with easy maintenance, cost effectiveness and reliability.

Comparing the flying machine to top car brands like Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati and Lamborghini, the makers say that what use does the extreme aerodynamics and advanced engineering of the names listed be of any use when the speed limit is 60 mph and one is stuck in a traffic jam on a freeway?

Hold your breath, because M400 Skycar can keep up a pace of 275 mph to 375 mph from your garage to your destination. In the process, achieving a mileage of 20 miles per gallon on a clean burning ethanol fuel.

So, do not worry about traffic, speeding tickets, traffic lights and reach out for the skies!!!

Via moller


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