Hear The Tiniest Droplet Of Water

In all honesty, the Droplet CD Player looks like it has been made from the left over parts of a huge and old hard drive. But the makers claim that none of that is true. In fact, the player is designed so in order to stand out from the other home stereo gadgets adorning your house.

The player in reference is actually a smaller version of Consonance’s flagship CD player called CDP5.0 (which alone has enjoyed 2 awards of ‘Products of year’ from Germany and USA in 2006), though it might not be evident at first glance.

Droplet CD player has an advanced digital and analogue design, construction techniques and components which have been picked after careful research. Be assured on a 24 bit oversampling, zero clock jitter sound machine which will make everyone in close vicinity skip a heartbeat. Every last bit of sound will be squeezed out of your media of choice. After all, it can process signals as high as 768 kHz to release all the information available in your CD disk library.

Available in three color choices, pay $3,090 to make it yours.

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