Randy Chlids Designs the Apex Hybrid Vehicle

I have always been impressed by hybrid vehicles and in my opinion, hybrid vehicles are where the future lies. Randy Chlids has designed the strange Apex, which imbibes the qualities of a truck, a car, motorcycle and even a helicopter. The vehicle runs on 4 or 6 cylinders with engines that generate 300hp. It also comes with hydro-formed chassis framework.

The body of the Apex is made of carbon, stainless steel and aluminum. The concept looks futuristic and interesting but I cant help but wonder if it will ever reach the markets. Such fantastic sounding vehicles usually end up being a file in a computer and forgotten. However, if ever manufactured, it promises all weather suitability, a modular design, and would appeal to both the masses and the elite.

Apex Hybrid Vehicle

If one can afford, they can go ahead and upgrade the vehicle with many accessories, which would turn it into the most futuristic vehicle. In my opinion, this fantastic sounding vehicle will never see the light of the day and isnt really workable either. However, if the designer makes it a little more functional, it would sound less fantastic and more workable and realistic.

Apex Hybrid Vehicle

Apex Hybrid Vehicle

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Apex Hybrid Vehicle

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