Touch And Drive Away A Peugeot

While we are at futuristic designs, let’s not forget to talk about our favourite machine, the one that runs on four wheels! So, how does a light-up car sound to you? The one that will stand out in the streets and will work on you finger…tips… nope…prints!

Enache Florin has made the dream come true by designing The Peugeot Touch. As the makers claim, the car has a light weight body. Some areas like the doors have touch-sensitive sensors and finger recognition devices. So, only the owner gets to take this beauty for a spin. The lights are attractive being made out of LEDs. As a result, the car has it’s own unique identity.

By now, you must have realised that this dream machine will definitely not come cheap. The price bracket has not been broken still but be prepared to hear just about anything. Believe me, every cent will be worth it!






Via yankodesign

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