Hollywood Movie Merchandise For Sale!!!

This could be a dream come true for all you movie buffs out there. The real McCoy, yep the same one used in the original Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, can be yours for an impressive $185,000. If the amount is too huge, don’t fret you can still go home wearing the real fedora hat donned by Indiana Jones in Temple of Doom for it’s priced a little less at $61,000. Even Jones’ bullwhip is on sale at the same cost.

The auction will be on December 11, and these three are not the only original props to be included. Other than the most sought after Luke Skywalker that is the property of Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz, you will find a lot of groovy movie stuff by Profiles History.

Let us give you a lowdown on some popular ones.

1. C-3PO face can be yours for $83,000 and if you want the hands too, pay and extra $30,000 for that.

2. The mohawk and Brain Gremlins puppets come for $7,000 each.

3. And if you loved the Jor-El tunic won by Malon Brando in Superman, make it yours for $51,000.

4. His Apocalypse Now t-shirt comes for $20,000.

5. Then there is super-duper treat for Tolkein fans. The original Lord of the Rings trilogy duly signed by Tolkein, wrapped in a red cloth complete with a fold-out map of the Middle earth comes for $124,000.

In total there are some 500 objects from the silent era to the sci-fi times. So go ahead and splurge!

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