Karaoke With Spinning Disco Lights Reaches Your Home

One thing that the Japanese love more than curry-rice is karaoke. Hands down to that! And now you can even bring the Karaoke experience to your home with all the razzmatazz like the disco light show. And you don’t have to worry about the drunks around you because you will be in the comfort of your domestic bearings and surrounded by folks that you want to be surrounded by!

Agreed that Segatoys’ new Hitokara Home Karaoke system is not the only one out there. But it does stand apart from the crowd thanks to the mirrored disco ball that spins and shines as you sing along your favourites tunes.

Then there is the unqiue method that this karaoke system gets its songs. It does not employ the services of a CD or DVD but uses special Karaoke capable mobile phones to work as an interface to download songs from the Hitokara online collection. By the way, you have a huge 43,000 songs to choose from. Lyrics appear on the phone as the music pours in from the speakers. And don’t forget, the LED-illuminated disco ball would have already started spinning.


Priced at $75, it will make a good Christams present.

Via technabob

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