Reko Maenpaa designs touchscreen integrated- computer controlled Coffee Maker

There is nothing that refreshes you like a cup of coffee and that is all the more true for those who have no habit of a smoke. The coffee maker designed by Reko Maenpaa is one of the more useful gadgets that we have seen in terms of concept designs and this one ensures that you get your cup of coffee at the time you need it the most, even if you are lost in work and have forgotten to take your shot of the revitalizer. The computer controlled coffee maker is operated by an Intel 500 MHz Pentium 3 processor and an integrated 8-inch touchscreen for control.

The computer operated coffee maker can be pre-set to give you a cup of coffee when you need it the most and its ATX motherboard and a GeForce MX 440 graphics card allow you to monitor it even from your own PC. (I guess your boss can now make out every time you take a coffee break and how much time in the day is spent away at that place).

Check this video:

The innovation is simple, compact and sophisticated enough to get you interested in it. Moreover, anything to do with coffee always has us interested. Letís just wait and see when this delightful concept translates into reality!

Via: Reko Maenpaa

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