Subaru Diamond Unveiled: Diamond studded car steals the spotlight

Zhongshan saw the diamond-studded Subaru being unveiled and this was probably as glittering show as you will ever get to watch. Despite car lovers and even car makers across the planet agreeing unanimously that cars like this were not really practical, it seems that the gold coated and diamond-studded vehicle trend is here to stay for a bit longer. Beyond anything else, this of course is Subaru trying to draw the attention of the consumer towards the car rather than the special diamond studded version.

The diamonds on Subaru along with the silver added to the car have driven the price of a 249,800 Yuan car to a price tag of 600,000 Yuan. That though is the least of ones concern when one starts taking a look at the dashboard studded with glittering stones, the steering wheel decorated in more such bling and even the gear rod sporting plenty of diamonds. It is all about blinging it up on the interiors with this one. You might want to be a bit careful though as parking this in a public place could be a pretty risky thing to do at any point!

Via: zsnet / chinanews

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