HP TouchSmart tx2 notebook: Swiveling Magic!

The all new HP TouchSmart tx2 Notebook surely has looks that could kill and its elegant style along with totally cool touchscreen allow you to have the best laptop experience ever. The touchscreen technology used in the notebook allows you to really transform your notebook into an art center. The stylish touchscreen allows you to do away with the mouse as the screen swivels into position for your ease. The 12.1″ widescreen display swivels into a tablet, and lets you use two fingers to expand and pinch graphics, rotate and move objects around the desktop, drag things around and double tap to open.

The amazing aspect of the notebook is that until you can fully get used to the comfort of the new touchscreen, you can always work the good old way whenever you chose to. You can also attach a stylus pen and paint or sketch and write on the 1200 x 800 screen and your handwriting is converted to typed, editable text. Powered by the AMD Turion™ X2 Ultra Dual-Core Mobile Processor it contains MediaSmart software which allows you to turn your notebook into HD television at the touch of a button.

At a light 4.5 pounds and a price of just $ 1150, the HP TouchSmart tx2 is an absolute bargain. If you order one now, then you can expect to get it delivered by the time holiday season is in full swing. That would be a cool gift indeed!

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