FLIR Thermal Imaging System: Used-Chopper Surveillance System up for grabs!

Just go over to eBay as quickly as you can and maybe you can still manage to outbid someone for this cutting-edge technology in surveillance system that uses infrared imaging to analyze data even in wobbly conditions. The FLIR Thermal Imaging System that has been earlier used in a chopper is now up for grabs on eBay with its Take it Now price being a mere $40,000. There are surprisingly, no current bids on it and so you can get it for that fabulous discount if you hurry.

The FLIR can pick up data even in stormy conditions as new gyroscopic technology embedded in it will allow you to get the perfect infra red image even in shaky weather. So you go and bid for it and get it home with free shipping that it offers. But what do you do with it after that? Well, you could hunt rats with it, smoke out infestation and if you happen to be some kind of terrorist then can use it for your next bombing. (Though shipping to Afghanistan and Pakistan is not free)

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