Bridge That Communication Gap With Your PC

Make way, the Bridge PC is here! Do not commit the crime of dismissing this invention as one of those useless ones. Read on for more information. As the name suggests, it supports communication. So be it person-to-PC and person-to-person, the design bridges the communication gap between people and promotes technology to develop in sync with our natural behavior.

The strongest point of Bridge PC is that it understands evolving technology and evolves with it to because development interaction will not be possible otherwise. That should explain the presence of the slide-out interface. It is a curved ergonomic panel that changes graphically and functionally as you go through the different tasks on the display. Quite a visual delight, I must say!

The process is helpful as it streamlines input process and promotes expandability and customization within the interface. As a result, interaction with the computer is improved via gesture-like motions, which is very different from today’s typical press of a button input. Plus users believe this design will solve the ventilation problem that most laptops suffer from.


A stunning concept, you will surely wall in love with the futuristic design.


Via nextgendesigncomp & geekygadgets

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