Blackbird’s Latest Melody: A Carbon Fiber Guitar with Nylon Strings!

One of the major problems that crops up when you are carrying your guitar around is its weight which is often a bit too much to strap on for a really long trip. Unless you are an international star and have a band of your own, you really will feel the weight of all this some point. The new guitar crafted by Blackbird allows you to get past this little niggle as it is framed with an exquisite carbon fiber body and nylon strings to produce the best possible sound and also a load that is less than 3 pounds to carry around!

The new guitar from Blackbird is designed with a carbon fiber body allowing the top of the guitar to go paper-thin. This enhances the sound quality immensely and also the nylon strings go a long way in further helping the process. The sound chamber was designed to be perfect acoustically using computer generated models. Crafting a guitar is not all that simple in this time and age as it was a couple of decades ago.

The new guitar sounds better than any other travel guitar you can find because of these features and looks supremely cool. Carbon fiber has surely helped many fields beyond just Formula 1!

Via: Dvice

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