Antique Vampire Killing Kit: Going away for a killer bid!

Different people across the world have different passions that they indulge in and some take that to a crazy new level. We have never been to Transylvania and so we really cannot confirm about the existence of any real blood sucking, charming, young guys and girls with fangs and wings. But we can sure confirm that there is still an authentic 200-year old antique Vampire Killing Kit that has recently gone away in auction for $ 14,850 on Natchez. Who ever bought the kit will have a tougher time finding a vampire to use it on!

The Vampire Kit seems to be equipped enough to kill more than just one demon of the dark though as it is loaded with a ton of stuff. We thought a cross, some water and a few lines from Bible were good enough for the job. There is a stake, knife, gun, bullets and plenty of other stuff and the kit is more like a huge trunk that you need to drag around. Not very mobile for an instant Vampire hunt!

Via: antiquesandthearts / neatorama / poptherapy

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