LMacTouch: A space-age laptop with ergonomic design

Mayyen Chan has designed a wonderful little concept that is most likely to remain a concept rather than a reality with the way it has been modeled and the features that it tries to sport. The LMacTouch is a concept ‘Apple’ that has a solar panel on its back, inclined screen that can be adjusted accordingly and a touchscreen without a keyboard or even a mouse. Yet, for all its unique look and special design, it just does not seem to have a practical approach that will match its space-age design and ergonomics that actually will make it comfortable.

For starters, having a solar panel on the back of a systems screen pretty much means you either need to sit out and work on it, which is stupid in itself and that becomes more ridiculous with the surface facing down. Then, using a touchscreen monitor for everything will only make your life miserable. I use a touchscreen mobile and trust me; it is not as cool as it looks.

The LMacTouch is still a concept worth looking at for few of the features like the adjustable screen angle. Remove the solar panels on the back; add a keyboard and mouse and it would be great! Well, actually it will be like an Apple that we have today in the market. So much for the concept!

Via: yankodesign

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